HAOS in Padure v5.0

15 iunie 2018 22:00
Extreme Park Cernica, Bucuresti

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HAOS in Padure v5.0

Pe malul lacului, in padure...


Sonja Moonear
Ion Ludwig [live]
Dan Andrei


There she was: balancing her thin body through layers of steam that were rising slowly from the techno hungry crowd in the middle of the woods. Waving her hands into the basslines filled air like this was the last party on Earth. Her blonde hair scattered the strobe lights, synchronizing the synchopatic loops on my heart rate. My mind got lost into her ecstatic smiles while my eyes were sliding down her collarbone tattoo that said "House music is my religion". Indeed. A few eye contacts, making me blush like a highschool student. The serotonine levels kept rising uncontrolable. Is it from her smiles? Is it from the music?

And out of nowhere, she came close to me, held my hand and whispered: "Do you have a lighter?"
"No", I said. "I don't smoke. I dance!"

We have good reasons to do it! Perlon affiliated Sonja Moonear, an amazing liveset crafted by Ion Ludwig and, like always, a carefully selected squad of local superheroes: Herodot, Gescu, Dan Andrei, Dubtil, Hozoc. This is our proposal for a night (and day) to remember as the 5th installment of the infamous HAOS in Padure.

Chill Area | Good Food | Zip Line (Tiroliana) | Epic Lake


1st release - SOLD OUT
2nd release - 50 lei


More info soon


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