3 Smoked Olives Island Festival 2018

29 iulie 2018 20:00
3 Smoked Olives Island

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One island. The 6th 3SOF edition.

Registrations are open!
SIGN UP HERE ???? https://goo.gl/j3GACf


The Island is located on the Danube River, far away from the bustle of the cities, on the border between Romania and Bulgaria, more precisely near the crossing point between Calarasi [RO] & Silistra [BG], in Ostrov.

Being a real island, the only way to get on the island is by boat. The moment you put your feet on the boat you enter another world. A more natural one, with water, sand, a young forest and clear blue skies.

If you’re lucky, on some mornings, you will find hundreds of seagulls playing around on the beach.

Sometimes, during the festival we need to get a couple of hours of sleep. In order to do that, on the ISLAND, you will find a Camping Area in the forest. During the night, the leaves of trees and the sky full of stars are your ceiling. By day you can enjoy the freshness of the river breeze.

The best part about this is that it’s completely FREE! Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to camp at 3 Smoked Olives Island Festival.

In the Camping Area you will also find the Food Court with all the goodies you need for a great meal.

21+ years old

Full LineUp:
Ada Kaleh România - Akim# - Akufen - Andreiu - Andrey PUSHKAREV - Bonso - Bross - Camilo Gil & [ØNE + 1] - Charlie - Clovis - Crihan - Dan Andrei - Dj Vasile - Dragos Ilici - George L - Gescu - GOLAN - Herodot - Ion Ludwig - Junki Inoue - Kosta - AWDD - Lamache - Losoul - Maria Von C - Maxi Storrs - Mihai Pol - Mihai Popoviciu - Miss I - Má¹› Roussos - Olga Korol - Petra Acker - Piticu - Prichindel - RAHA, Tokyo, Japan - Rawness - Sedee - Sepp - Sergej - Suciu - Sweely - The Rabbit King - Vlad Dinu - Voi Cu - Zendid

Registrations are open!
SIGN UP HERE ???? https://goo.gl/j3GACf


--- EN
Ó - This event is private.
Ó - Islanders in our database have priority for registering and buying tickets.
Ó - Access will be based on a nominal, non-transferable ticket.
Ó - The tickets number is limited, to ensure a better development of the event.
Ó - There is a checkpoint before the luggage checking and in the absence of a ticket you won't be able to proceed to the boarding point to the Island.
Ó - You must have your ID card on you.
Ó - The event is only for 21+ or older.

--- RO
Ó - Evenimentul este unul cu caracter privat.
Ó - Prioritate pentru inregistrare si obtinerea biletelor au insularii care sunt in baza noastra de date.
Ó - Accesul se va face pe baza unui bilet nominal, netrasmisibil.
Ó - Pentru a asigura o desfasurare cat mai buna a evenimentului, numarul de bilete este limitat.
Ó - Va exista un punct de control al biletelor inaintea punctul de verificare al bagajelor si in lipsa acestora nu veti putea avea acces la punctul de imbarcare catre insula.
Ó - Va rugam sa aveti un act de identitate asupra voastra.
Ó - Evenimentul se adreseaza numai persoanelor peste 21 de ani.

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