3 Smoked Olives Festival - new location!!

4 iulie 2024
For many beautiful and challenging editions, 3 Smoked Olives Island was our dance floor under the stars. Meanwhile, due to logistical reasons & yearly unpredictable water levels, corroborated with the fact that the island is part of a natural protected area & new sound limits imposed which affect our neighbours from Silistra (BG), we now have to reinvent ourselves & overcome some challenges, whilst trying not to let down our valued community.
But every magical tale needs a newchapter, and this is how our journey continues...
This year, 3 Smoked Olives is packing its bags and setting off to a new location where the mountains touch the sky, lakes reflect the stars, and the forests dance with us. Nestled near Brașov, in Hărman we are ready to introduce our new home for the following years.
???? Some of the many advantages offered by the new space:
* Immersion in nature: Cooler temperatures and an environment wrapped in majestic mountains.
* Comfort: Hot showers and better facilities. Also, a glamping area.
* Central Location: Easier access from all corners of Romania.
* Safe Splashing: Beautiful lakes, perfect for safe and scenic water sports.
* Forest Privacy: Cooler nights and sun-shaded areas, with dense trees surrounding the area, providing as much, if not more, privacy than the island. Also, an excellent place to hang a hammock.
* ⁠Extra activities in the daytime: We teamed up with Kaya Holistic and Atos Jiu-Jitsu and they will bring a professional mat if you want to learn some new Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves, fitness and yoga, ecstatic dance, admire some Art & Photo exhibitions, ceramic workshops and many more.
* We have teamed up with a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience of event planning & management, a team of music and sports enthusiasts, creating some of the nicest events in Romania.
* Safety First: Cooler day & nights to dance without overheating, emergency services and supplies are more easily accessible.
This move is not just about a new location; it’s about creating a safer, more comfortable, and equally the same festival experience.

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